bonded leather

What exactly is Bonded leather?

Bonded leather is a material that uses a mix of chromeleather shavings, shredded organic leather, natural latex, natural greases and tanning agents.

Bonded leather is used since long in the shoe industry for counters, heels, soles and inner soles, as well as for so called frame material. Likewise it is used in leather goods, upholstery and also for bookbinding.

Terms like Bonded leather or Recycled leather are regulated by the norm EN 15987 „Leder – Terminologie – Hauptdefinitionen für den Lederhandel“. Products with less than 50% leather may not be called Bonded leather.

Besides the traditional coating of leather, HELCOR works as well with Bonded leather in order to create striking and distinctive surfaces by the means of its patented finishing technology.

An idea for the upcoming future, which may primarily be an attractive alternative to other materials under cost aspects.